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Helayne - High Crime Pod co-host

Sloane is a multi-dimensional queer cyborg mer-babe. Sloane rhymes with Saxophone, own, cone, blown, loan, and sewn. She loves the beach, piña coladas, and finding a place to nap in the rain because why are you getting lost in the rain?!?! that sounds terrible. Find some shelter, guys. She loves you, she just met you, she’s actually Dug from UP. Often confused with a golden retriever due to her flowing blonde hair - her steadfast loyalty also makes her the most likely member to join some weird cult. She’s done social media for fancy brands, writes articles about queer stuff, and thinks a lot about the eternal void. She also loves talking true crime.


Kayla - High Crime Pod co-host

Kayla is a magical force to be reckoned with. She arrived on earth as a glittering ball of light, transforming into the go-getting journalist she is today. She is the ring leader of this trio of insane people, like the Blossom Powerpuff Girl of the bunch. She is a journalist, editor, event planner, writer, and more. If Kayla were a book, it would be called “Very Smart Stylish Betch Schools Everyone at Pop Culture and Loves Friends - Don’t You Dare Say Anything Bad About Friends - It’s a UNIVERSALLY relatable show” Her other passions are horror, true crime, and quality sativa.




Hi, we’re Kayla and Sloane! 

And we like true crime.

And weed. We're fans of weed. Look, we all have anxiety, among other health and mental health issues, and who's to judge what helps you get through this trippy, wild thing we call life, right? 

For us, weed is medicine, and honestly, it can help you chill tf out and chat about one of your favorite (and yet, macabre) topics without going into a full, anxious meltdown and googling how expensive retractable steel covers for windows are.

So whether you smoke or not, join us on this wild ride through murder, mysteries, and maybe even some supernatural goodies. 

We know it's a dark topic, but don't worry, we'll make you laugh, too. They seem kind of like mutually exclusive topics - true crime and comedy. But who doesn't love a good comedic relief? We know we do -- and we hope to be that for you. 
Well, hope to chat with you soon. Email to share your true crime stories, questions, comments, concerns, or even your favorite way to indulge in the devil's lettuce.
Later, buds!


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