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Episode 30 - It All Started With An Empty Tank Of Gas

Kayla tells her roommate a crazy snowball-ing story where a $20 can of gas opens up a can of worms. AKA the hometown true crime story Kayla found out about from her parents while driving to the airport after the holidays.

(pictured: Katelyn McClure and Johnny Bobbitt on the news)

It involves gofundme scams, a woman named Katelyn McClure who was willing to take a big risk for big money, and a sketchy guy named Johnny Bobbitt (No, not that John Bobbitt, but wow, what a name, right?). Hope you enjoy! 

(pictured: Kate McClure, Johnny Bobbitt, and McClure's boyfriend, Mark D'Amico)

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Woman, homeless man in GoFundMe scheme plead guilty // AP

Good Morning America interview // Facebook

Homeless vet gets home, car after helping stranger // Cydney Henderson // The Republic, AZ Central

Alleged ringleader in $400k GoFundMe scam pleads guilty // Erik Ortiz // NBC News

Mark D’Amico faces federal fraud charges in GoFundMe scam involving homeless veteran // Sheri Berkery and Carol Comegno // Cherry Hill Courier-Post

Homeless man charged in $400,000 GoFundMe scam pleads guilty // Guardian staff and agencies // The Guardian

Johnny Bobbitt, homeless veteran involved in GoFundMe scheme, gets 5 years probation // Aaron Katersky // ABC News

NJ Woman Pleads Guilty In Homeless GoFundMe Hoax, Faces 4 Years In State Prison // Amy Held // NPR

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