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Episode 33 - The Hart Family Tragedy

Warning: this episode is fucking depressing. It's a rough tale of child abuse, and six beautiful, innocent children being completely failed by the system - as well as their own parents. The story also features homophobia, racism, and, honestly, a lot of ignorance.

I know this story is awful, but please know that we do not tell it to revel in its horror. This is an important story about six black children, who were adopted into an all-white family who made no effort to teach them about or expose them to their own culture. These children made efforts to reach out for help, and nothing ever came of it. It shows us how the system can fail people. And we need to talk about it in the hopes that it doesn't ever happen again. Big thanks to Glamour's podcast Broken Harts - we got so much information about this troubling, bizarre story from this well-researched podcast.

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Hart family crash: Driver was legally drunk at time of fatal SUV plunge off Northern California cliff // CBS/AP // CBS News

Jennifer Hart drove her six children to their deaths as her wife looked up how much they would suffer, a jury says // Madeline Holcombe + Augie Martin // CNN

Edge Of The Cliff: How An American Dream Turned Into A Nightmare For Model Family // Matt Gilligan // Investigation Discovery

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